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We Are Women of Color Podcasters

WOC Podcasters (Women of Color) is an inclusive podcasting community for Women of Color podcasters, audio creators, and professionals to connect, learn, and share resources.

This is the first community of its kind dedicated to the growth and representation of Women of Color in the podcasting industry.

Not only do we want to promote more diverse voices in podcasting, but we also want to inspire more women to feel like, “Yes, I can do this!”

From esteemed podcasting leaders to aspiring podcasters looking to get started, we created this community so you can find the resources to prosper along your creative journey.


Women host less than 29% of podcasts. Women of Color host less than that.

WOC Podcasters is changing that!


Learn new skills from experts and other community members.


Find and collaborate with other content creators, service providers, and podcasters.


Build new friendships and stay motivated to reach your goals.


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Lifting Voices. Sharing Stories. Impacting the World.

Eboni Gee host of The Kidney Connection

Thank you for creating this space. I don’t have anyone around me who has a podcast, so to be able to have a place to share ideas, get relevant information and support is huge for me.

We don’t know where we’d be if it had not been for the information and the community of WOC Podcasters! There’s so much knowledge and so many resources that we can’t fail!

It can be challenging navigating an industry where you are not the majority. I am so thankful to have a safe place where I can ask questions and support other women of color.