Asian-American Podcasters Community founded by Lee Uehara and Andrew Wang.

Join the First-Ever Asian-American Podcasters Group

by Danielle Desir

Based in New York City, the Asian-American Podcasters (AAP) is a community for Asian-American creatives, producers, hosts, and editors to network, collaborate and support each other.

From community-led monthly Impact Calls™ to meetups around the world, AAP is amplifying the voices of Asian Americans and is on a mission to inspire and encourage more Asian Americans to share their voices and messages through podcasting.

Lee Uehara created AAP in February 2019, after noticing that there were no podcasting groups for those who identify as Asian Americans. Andrew Wang, co-founder and prominent podcaster, signed on to further build community and create awareness of the group.

To learn more about AAP, watch the AAP welcome video here.

“It’s exciting to be able to carve out a space in the podcasting landscape for those who identify as Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders,” Uehara said. “With this podcasting explosion, we want to be able to come together and offer support and resources to Asian Americans – even if they’re currently living outside of the United States.”

“You don’t realize what you’re missing until you find it. In this case, once folks found out about it, they’ve shown sincere excitement about joining. And, it doesn’t hurt that we like to talk about food from various Asian countries!” Uehara said.

Podcasters from countries around the world such as France, Singapore, and Vietnam have been joining, co-founder Andrew Wang said.

“Our members represent all levels of podcasting: from aspiring show-runners who are planning to launch to those with many years of experience at critically-acclaimed shows. I’m excited to build a hub where Asian-American podcasters can support one another, share and collaborate to amplify their voices and podcasts.” Wang said.

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Join the Asian American Podcasters Group.
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