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Ditch CPM Advertising: Make Money Podcasting Even With a Small Audience With Michelle Jackson – Episode 8

Tired of relying on advertising to monetize your podcast? Michelle Jackson shares how to make money podcasting aligned with your values.

Balancing Podcasting With a Full-Time Job With Bianca Alba From ‘This Latina Travels’ – Episode 7

Time management tips for busy podcasters with a full-time job.

How To Effectively Raise Your Prices Without Losing Clients – Episode 6

Discover how four entrepreneurs achieved the confidence to raise their prices while remaining true to their business values and goals.

Leveraging Podcasting To Promote Your Coaching Business and Sign More Clients With Roshni Baronia – Episode 5

Leverage podcasting as a coach or consultant. How to convert listeners to paying clients, growing your coaching business.

Creating a Facebook Ad Strategy To Grow Your Podcast and Scale Your Business with Stacy Reed – Episode 4

Should podcasters harness the power of Facebook ads to grow their podcasts and businesses? Listen to this episode to find out what Stacy Reed has to say.

How Coloring Can Foster Creativity and Build Community with Nikita Burks-Hale – Episode 3

How coloring can increase calm and unlock your creativity.

Hosting a Bilingual Podcast in Spanish (Or Any Language) With Latina Money Expert Jen Hemphill – Episode 2

Jen Hemphill, a proud Latina, shares how to create a bilingual podcast where you speak multiple languages.

How To Get Podcast Sponsorships With Debbie Arcangeles: 5 Steps To Work With Brands – Episode 1

How to attract brands to work with you and secure podcast sponsorships with podcast coach Debbie Arcangeles.

The Ultimate Guide To Build a Podcast Website 

Discover how to build a beautifully designed podcast website that drives new listeners to your show.