What to do when feeling unmotivated to keep podcasting

What To Do When You’re Feeling Unmotivated To Keep Podcasting

If you enjoy podcasting, but find yourself in a rut, here are three things you can do right now to get back on track so you feel more energized next time you record an episode.

#PodcastersForJustice: Take a Stand & Get Involved in the Podcasters For Justice Campaign

Let's come together across digital spaces to support the work of activists on the front lines of change, who risk themselves daily to create a better world for us all.
The Creatress Summit for women of color in media hosted by Saidah Murphy

Empowering Womxn in Media: Join the Creatress Summit from June 1-5

The Creatress Summit is a 5-day virtual conference designed to help women of color working in the media industry elevate their skills. Throughout the summit, you will learn from 35 talented women of color who are working and growing in various sectors.
Why you should join WOC Podcasters Insiders Membership

3 Reasons To Join Our Membership WOC Podcasters Insiders

WOC Podcasters Insiders is a monthly membership focused on equipping you with the knowledge and resources to improve your craft, create better content, and grow your show.
Speaker submissions for Podthon: a virtual summit for podcasters by the founders of WOC Podcasters and Asian American Podcasters

Speaker Submissions Now Open For 2nd Annual Podthon, July 18-19

Speaker submissions for Podthon '20 is now open. Podthon is an annual virtual summit for podcasters.
Podcasters Archita F. and Meha C. at Podcast Movement Evolutions in Los Angeles, California

Speaking at Podcast Movement Evolutions: Our Podcast Launch Took Vulnerability, Humility, Community, and 7 Weeks

The co-hosts of The Nine Oh Six share how being humble, vulnerable and having this community helped them share their message at Podcast Movement Evolutions.
An organized grid of Werk it buttons on a tables

Podcaster Inclusion, Demystified

The Werk It Festival focused on addressing current challenges and provided unique podcaster inclusion opportunities for women from several perspectives. Here are some powerful insights and resources that will aid in your podcast development process. Plus, a few more tips for boosting your network.
Podcast Marketing: How to promote your podcast on social media.

How to Promote Your Podcast on Social Media and Get More Listeners

Your podcast is amazing. All you need to do is find the right people to listen to it. With the effort that you put into creating your show, use these tips to build an engaged fan base who will share your show with their circles.
Podcasts for Content Creators by Women of Color

Hit Subscribe: 6 Podcasts For Content Creators by Women of Color

Here are six podcasts for content creators by women of color that will help you improve your skills, grow your income, and build a loyal following.