Podcast Conferences to Attend

2021-2022 Podcasting Conferences & Summits

Are you looking to attend podcasting conferences in 2021? Here's a list of podcasting conferences, summits, and events happening in 2021 and beyond.
How to use Zoom for podcast interview.

Best Practices For Recording Podcast Interviews on Zoom

Whether you are recording an interview with a guest or long-distance with your co-host, here are five best practices for using Zoom to record podcast interviews.
Podcast Tools For Podcasting Remotely

5 Podcasting Tools For Podcasting Remotely & Social Distancing

If you are wondering how to record a podcast remotely, here are five of the best tools to help you remain productive during the pandemic.
Why You Should Livestream Your Podcast - A Representative Still of a LivestreamPhoto by visuals on Unsplash

Why You Should Livestream Your Podcast

Benefits of live streaming your podcast and how to overcome the most common tech challenges.
Black Friday Deals For Podcasters

2020 Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals For Podcasters

Save money and get these great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for podcasters.
Small Business Saturday 2020

Small Business Saturday 2020: Support These Women of Color-Owned Businesses

Support small businesses by women of color in the podcasting industry.
Professional Audio Editors Women of Color Audio Editor and Podcast Editors

Women of Color Podcast Editors Directory: Find Professional Audio Editors

WOC Podcasters launches a directory for professional women of color podcast editors and podcast production companies.
Best Podcast Facebook Groups for women.

4 Podcast Facebook Groups For Women To Join

Four supportive groups for women podcasters to join right now!
WOC Podcasters Facebook Group Moderator Mentees

Announcing Our Fall 2020 Facebook Group Moderator Mentees

This summer, we are welcoming four mentees to our WOC Podcasters Facebook group moderator mentorship program. During this program, mentees will learn how to manage and nurture engaged Facebook groups.