Girl Davis is a co-host of the podcast "Jinjja Cha"

How the Hosts of “Jinjja Cha” Run their Podcast from Separate Continents

From teaching English in Korea to podcasting, the co-hosts of the podcast "Jinjja Cha" shared what it means to be Black women who tackle “Korean pop culture and everything else in-between".
Daree Allen is a professional voiceover actress and the host of Kickin' it with Daree Podcast.

From Fear to Faith to Fun: My Journey from Podcaster to Professional Voice Talent

Daree Allen, host of the "Kickin' it with Daree" podcast, shares how she transitioned from podcaster to a professional voiceover actor.
Caribbean Podcast Directory founded by Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown

How Caribbean Podcast Directory is Amplifying the Voices of Podcasters of Caribbean Heritage

Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown, the founder of Caribbean Podcast Directory is helping people discover Caribbean podcasters and podcasters of Caribbean heritage.
Noni Limar host of All Heart Podcast

Grow Your Podcast Audience with these Podcast Movement and Werk It Podcast Marketing Tips

Noni Limar, host of the "All Heart" Podcast shares podcast marketing tips to grow your show and get more listeners from Podcast Movement and Werk It.
Electro Voice RE20 Review by Andrea Jones

Electro Voice RE20 Dynamic Podcast Microphone Review

If you have a USB microphone that plugs directly into your computer, you may want to upgrade to an Electro Voice RE20 for better sound quality.
Navigating Werk Festival as a new podcaster and mother-to-be with Meha Chiraya.

Making Mama Moves: Navigating Werk It 2019 as a New Podcaster and Pregnant Mom

Key takeaways from Werk It 2019—a two-day Women’s Podcast Festival, including building a community and knowing your audience. Meha Chiraya, co-host of "The Nine Oh Six" podcast reflects on attending as both a new podcaster and a mother expecting her second child.
How to grow your podcast audience using Pinterest.

10 Simple Steps to Grow Your Podcast Audience with Pinterest

Are you a new podcaster looking for effective ways to grow your podcast audience? Adeola Adegbusi shares how to get started on Pinterest with these 10 simple steps.
Fun Monthly Challenges for Podcasters and Writers

3 Fun Monthly Challenges for Podcasters

Best monthly challenges for podcasters to help you create more content, become more consistent and accomplish your goals including NaNoWriMo and NaPodPoMo.
How Blher Podcast cohosts their show together 2,600 miles apart

How to Conquer Bicoastal Cohosting with Blher Podcast

The perfect podcast partner doesn’t always live in your city. Use these bicoastal cohosting tips for recording with your cohosts who live miles away.