Remote Podcast Interview Tips by Candace Howze

Best Remote Podcast Interview Tools and Tips

Here are some of the best remote podcast interview tips and tools to help you record remotely when you and your guest are not in the same room.
PodSquad: Social media engagement for podcasters

How Podcasters and Listeners Can Engage More Directly on Social Media: An Interview with PodSquad app creator John Lee

PodSquad app founder John Lee shares how this podcast player will enable listeners to communicate directly with podcasters via social media like Twitter.
Inaugural She Podcasts LIVE 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

She Podcasts LIVE: A Weekend of Learning, Camaraderie and Belonging with Jessica Kupferman

Jessica Kupferman shares what inspired her to create She Podcasts LIVE the podcasting conference for women and tips for getting the most out of the event.
Podthon is a free virtual summit for podcasters formed to create space for more speakers in the podcasting space.

Podthon: A Free Virtual Summit for Podcasters August 10-11, 2019

Podthon is a virtual summit formed to create space for more speakers in the podcasting industry by founders Lee Uehara and Danielle Desir of WOC Podcasters.
Ella Turenne host of Fanm on Films. An Extraordinary Evening for podcasters of color.

Extraordinary Lessons from “An Extraordinary Evening: For Podcasters of Color”

An Extraordinary Evening is about creating community. It’s about providing resources that otherwise podcasters of color wouldn't have. It’s about forging relationships with podcast companies, which likely don't pursue us in their businesses.
Jackie Douge host of and producer of What is Black? and Talking About Books for Kids podcasts.

Mental Hurdles I Overcame to Start Podcasting

While podcasting can be rewarding, Jacqueline Dougé shares some of the mental hurdles that held her back from starting a podcast and how she overcame them.
Increase podcast engagement through empathy and discourse with Maribel Quezada from Different Podcast. Podcast Movement 2019.

How to Increase Podcast Engagement Through Discourse and Empathy

Maribel Quezada, host of the podcast Diferente, shares how to Increase podcast engagement by allowing listeners to question their own biases and explore their potential for learning and growth. Discover new things and question your own biases.
Legal things podcasters should know about with Merlyne Jean-Louis

How Podcasters Can Legally Protect Themselves: An Interview with Attorney Merlyne Jean-Louis, Esq.

Are you aware of the legal issues that podcasters may face? In this interview Merlyne Jean-Louis, Esq shares ways podcasters can legally protect themselves.
WOC Podcaster with a cup of joe talking social media.

The Secret to Turning Your Social Media Fans into Podcast Listeners

Learn how to leverage social media to figure out your audience demographic, figure out ways to provide value, and grow your podcast listeners.