Hit Subscribe: 5 Self-Care Podcasts by Women of Color

Focusing on the activities and mindset shifts needed to lead a more balanced life, here are five noteworthy self-care podcasts by women of color that will improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
Real Resilience Prison Wife Life Podcast

The Journey to Real Resilience: Prison Wife Life

Hosted by Crystal Wyatt, Real Resilience: P.W.L. Podcast shares stories of resilient women who support an incarcerated loved one.
Eboni Gee host of The Kidney Connection Podcast

The Kidney Connection: What Our Emotional Wellness Can Tell Us About Our Health

I am the host of The Kidney Connection, a podcast about all things kidney health and dialysis wellness. I am passionate about teaching people how to protect their kidney health. The Kidney Connection is more than just a title of a podcast, it is a true representation of how your kidney health affects all other areas of your life.