Increase podcast engagement through empathy and discourse with Maribel Quezada from Different Podcast. Podcast Movement 2019.

How to Increase Podcast Engagement Through Discourse and Empathy

Maribel Quezada, host of the podcast Diferente, shares how to Increase podcast engagement by allowing listeners to question their own biases and explore their potential for learning and growth. Discover new things and question your own biases.
WOC Listeners - Women of Color Podcast Listeners -Delina Pryce McPhaull - Broke-ish

Creating a Space For & Setting the Table for WOC Listeners

Delina Pryce McPhaull shares why women of color should create podcasts for WOC listeners and offer something different from the voices saturating mainstream media.
Bettina and Ninorah Co-hosts of NRIWoman Podcast.

Podcasters Lead with Passion: Wise Words from NRIWoman

What happens when two close friends decide they want more out of their respective lives than the everyday mundane? A community to bring women together on Facebook happens! NRIWoman Podcast co-hosts Bettina Tauro and Ninorah Brookshire share tips for finding your podcast topic and how to figure out what topics drive your show.