Electro Voice RE20 Review by Andrea Jones

Electro Voice RE20 Dynamic Podcast Microphone Review

If you have a USB microphone that plugs directly into your computer, you may want to upgrade to an Electro Voice RE20 for better sound quality.
How Blher Podcast cohosts their show together 2,600 miles apart

How to Conquer Bicoastal Cohosting with Blher Podcast

The perfect podcast partner doesn’t always live in your city. Use these bicoastal cohosting tips for recording with your cohosts who live miles away.
Remote Podcast Interview Tips by Candace Howze

Best Remote Podcast Interview Tools and Tips

Here are some of the best remote podcast interview tips and tools to help you record remotely when you and your guest are not in the same room.
PodSquad: Social media engagement for podcasters

How Podcasters and Listeners Can Engage More Directly on Social Media: An Interview with PodSquad app creator John Lee

PodSquad app founder John Lee shares how this podcast player will enable listeners to communicate directly with podcasters via social media like Twitter.
Podcast Website Checklist: Things to include on your podcast website

3 Things Every Podcast Website Needs

There are a few things that I think every podcast website needs. These things are simple but can make a big difference in how your listeners interact with your brand and it can even impact your bottom line!