WOC Podcasters Facebook Group Moderator Mentees

Announcing Our Fall 2020 Facebook Group Moderator Mentees

Prior to creating the WOC Podcasters Facebook group, I had little experience managing Facebook groups. However, over the last two years, I have learned so much about building an engaged community, establishing and enforcing group rules, planning virtual events and so much more. With over 3,700 members worldwide, our community is growing rapidly which is why now is the perfect time to introduce our Facebook group moderator mentorship program.

Between November 2020 and February 2021, we are welcoming two mentees to join our WOC Podcasters Facebook group moderator team. In July and October 2020, we welcomed four mentees who all opted to remain team members after the mentorship.

Mentees will learn how to moderate a fast-growing community. Tasks will include reviewing member requests, scheduling posts, and ensuring the community is a safe and nurturing place for all members. It’s my hope that after this program, our mentees will be well equipped to create, grow, nurture, and engage their podcast communities. Please meet our past and present mentees.

Our 2020 Fall Facebook Group Moderator Mentees

Nancy Kwamboka

Nancy Kwamboka, Fall 2020 Mentee

Nancy Kwamboka is a podcast manager based in Nairobi, Kenya on a mission to help women entrepreneurs amplify their voices through professionally-produced podcasts. She started out as a blog writer before transitioning to becoming a Virtual Assistant. At some point, one of her clients had her help with the administrative aspects of their podcast. She enjoyed it so much that she later switched careers. Besides managing existing podcasts, Nancy also helps women entrepreneurs launch their podcasts and think strategically about growing them. During her free time, Nancy enjoys learning new recipes and watching “how-to” videos. Learn more about her podcast post-production company Savvy Podcasting Solutions.

Our Summer 2020 Facebook Group Moderator Mentees

Marielys Cepeda

Marielys Cepeda WOC Podcasters Facebook Group Moderator Mentee
Marielys Cepeda, Summer 2020 Mentee

Marielys Cepeda is a Boston based writer and content creator focused on love, life, and personal development. She is a storyteller and pop culture enthusiast with a love for reality TV. She hosts Toxic AF, a podcast creating conversations around toxicity, how it manifests, and what we are doing to heal.

When asked why she wanted to join the mentorship program, she said: “I’ve been looking for more ways to get involved in the podcasting community and this seems perfect given it’s for women of color. This group is one of the main reasons I started my podcast so to be able to give back would mean a lot.

Danielle Ridley

Danielle Ridley, WOC Podcasters Facebook Group Moderator Mentee Summer 2020.
Danielle Ridley, Summer 2020 Mentee

Danielle Ridley is on a mission to help women of color maximize their full potential. Danielle is the founder of the BlackDivaDaily (BDD) podcast which aims to provide listeners with a daily dose of #blackgirlmagic by narrating posts from black female bloggers. When she’s not recording the BDD podcast, you can catch her somewhere being of service.

When asked why she wanted to join the mentorship program, she said: “Being part of this program would allow me to learn how to better serve my podcast audience while also learning how to best serve my people. I believe the old yet true saying that “to whom much is given much is expected”. The WOC Podcasters community has given me so much, and being of service through the mentoring program is one way I hope to give back.

Shamiko Reid

Shamiko Reid WOC Podcasters Facebook Group Moderator Mentee Summer 2020
Shamiko Reid, Summer 2020 Mentee

Shamiko Reid is the creator of the platform DaaamnDaddy which addresses people’s relationships or lack thereof with their fathers and the impact it has on who they are and how they show up in the world. Through her platform, The Discussion Room podcast was born. On the podcast, she discusses social issues such as mental illness and domestic violence and creates a safe space for others to have their voices heard.

When asked why she wanted to join the mentorship program, she said: “I enjoy being a member of the WOC Podcasters Facebook group and would love to give back while also improving my Facebook group management skills.”

Dr. Tiffany Wiggins

Tiffany Wiggins WOC Podcasters Facebook Group Moderator Mentee
Dr. Tiffany Wiggins, Summer 2020 Mentee

Dr. Tiffany Wiggins is the founder and creator of Black Girl Mentor, and the host of the Black Girl Mentor podcast. As a Norfolk, Virginia native, she has spent the last decade serving as a higher education practitioner-scholar, working in a variety of campus- and association- based roles along the mid-Atlantic and southern east coast.

As a fairly new transplant to the North Carolina Triangle, she is excited to have relaunched Black Girl Mentor, a dynamic digital space, and community of practice that not only centers mentorship for Black womxn and girls but transforms the notion of sisterhood into a way of life.

When asked why she wanted to join the mentorship program, she said: “This program will allow me the opportunity to get more hands-on experience with cultivating and engaging a thriving social media community. This experience will give me inside knowledge about creating, growing, and further engaging my podcast community.

Applications for our Spring mentorship cohort will open in January 2021.

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