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Women of Color Podcast Editors Directory: Find Professional Audio Editors

We are proud to share that we have launched the Women of Color Podcast Editors Directory showcasing talented Women of Color podcast editors, professional audio editors, and podcast production companies from around the world. I launched this directory after noticing the same questions appearing in the WOC Podcasters Facebook group and many others.

The Inspiration

“Any podcast editors out there?”

“Any editors in the group available to help right now?”

“Are there any podcast editors you would recommend?”

Honestly, I have been sitting on this idea for a while, but it’s time we had a resource we can point our family, friends, and colleagues to. Women, minority-owned podcast management businesses deserve their flowers.

Our Goal

I hope this directory brings these professional audio editors new business as well as offers podcasters more transparency as they price out different audio editing, mixing, and promotional services.

Another question I see all the time is: “How much do podcast editors charge?”. Now we’ll be able to share going rates for editors and managers featured in our directory.

Since launching in early November, the directory features five editors such as Danie Sanchez, founder of 4th House Studios, Bethany Hawkins, founder of Crackers In Soup, and Nikita Burks-Hale, founder of JourneyGurl Magic Productions.

Bethany Hawkins says: “We do not just edit. We invest in you. We provide you with time and freedom while you use your voice to showcase your expertise.”

Each listing includes a list of podcast production services, a starting price, and contact information.

For those who are looking for an editor, I hope you consider hiring one of the professional audio editors on our list. And if you do, please share that we referred you.

Also, if you are a Women of Color-owned podcast production company that would like to be added, please fill out this form. A team member will get back to you shortly.

Listing fees start at $75 annually.