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From Corporate to Podcasting With Margo Lovett

What does it take to reinvent yourself after a 26-year career in corporate? Wonder what it’s like podcasting over 50? What should you invest in to be successful? These are only some of the questions we delve into with Margo Lovett, host of Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation, and founder of Podcast Academy Online, which helps people become podcasters. Margo Lovett joins us today to share her experience of becoming a podcaster at age 61, how she’s built a business, and how you can also reinvent yourself.

Helping Women Reinvent Themselves with Margo Lovett

Tell us about your podcast, Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation.

My podcast Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation was created for the focused, mature, spicy women aged 45 plus who want to become a podcaster or an entrepreneur. Every episode gives the listener how-to instruction, information, and inspiration.

Listen to the latest episode here:

Why podcasting? What inspired you to start a podcast (at a seasoned age)?

It was a hobby as I worked my day job. When I quit that 26-year career, it was necessary to take a year or so off, but it only made sense to become the best podcaster I could be when I came back to life. The last six months of my work life were brutal, and I wanted to create a mecca, a place of resource and reference for boomer women coming out of corporate. I wanted them to find and claim their voice because I did. So yes, at age 61, I hired the best coach I could find, someone who podcasted and anchored it to his mainstay business; he helped me find my voice and confidence and become an author.

What are some of the challenges podcasters over 50 face? How can they overcome those roadblocks? 

Roadblocks, a heavy term, I say challenges over age 50. But, deactivating the minefield of my mindset is ongoing! How not to fall back into the employee mindset is a biggie. Working corporate, there is always competition with yourself, team members, and company competitors to do the job correctly 365 days a year. But, there was an arsenal of top guns in place for the company to stay profitable, visible, cutting edge, and a leader. As a solo entrepreneur, the challenge of growth, marketing, and profitability almost shut me down. To move from drowning to floating to swimming, I had to invest in a business coach; that’s the medicine. Hire a coach, and always be a student.

How can the podcasting industry be more welcoming to Boomers?

Right now, I believe it is open to us, but are we available to it? I say to be visible and active in the industry through media! Don’t come in like a stranger. Make a deep print/digital footprint. Stay sharp, well crafted, educated within the industry, and carve out your space without intimidation.

What skills do podcasters need to be successful?

Well, I believe it all depends upon what your podcast is about. Learn the industry jargon, identify with it, and be easily associated with it, but don’t feel that you have to know it all because nobody does. However, when questioned about your content, be the expert and the leader you claim to be. All podcasters should understand the operations of their podcast from start to finish, even if that work is outsourced.

What steps have you taken to turn your podcast into a sustainable business?

My podcast is becoming the bridge to a sustainable business. I find a part of sustainability by teaching podcasting (yes, I have Academy graduates), panel moderation, and being hired to do infomercial style interviews. Recently, I have become a columnist for a women’s leadership magazine. There is a small investment for the women featured, and part of that investment goes to me.

You help Boomer women leave corporate and reinvent themselves to become a podcaster or entrepreneur. What type of services do you provide?

I just built a new house of services, Go Beyond The Interview! The weekly podcast archive offers over 100 interviews with those reinvented to become podcasters and entrepreneurs. These candid, transparent convos leave me informed and inspired because if they could do it, so can I, or now we all have a contact person for our next move.

Podcast Academy Online offers three modes of coursework and students choose according to their needs. The Academy offers classes for those recovering from pod fade, those looking for an on-demand series, and also students who need Zoom accountability group sessions. Of course, I am still open to 1-on-1 coaching.

Podcast Posse is for those that want industry information and accountability. Great way to come out of pod fade or have access to resources as a brand new podcaster.

Folks can also be a guest on my monthly Livestream, where we laugh and talk about podcasting and or being an entrepreneur.

I can be a resource for podcasters looking to become an author and speaker, or be featured in a magazine reaching over 313K readers digitally and in print.

Where can readers connect with you? 

Connect with me via my website –

You can also find me on Linkedin –

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