How to get Patreon Supporters for your podcast

Patreon Growth Hacks from Podfest Master Class 2020

While building a supportive community on Patreon is one way to monetize your podcast, making a substantial amount of money every month takes a lot of work. Many creators who launch a profile see little traction. The lack of consistent marketing and attractive perks that entice subscribers to part with their wallets are the most common hurdles. Inside of the WOC Podcasters Facebook group, questions about growing a fan base come up regularly. When Podfest Master Class introduced a Patreon track at their virtual summit, I attended every session. Whether you are getting started on Patreon or you are looking to get more patrons and grow your business, here are three ideas for how to get Patreon supporters.

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How To Get Patreon Supporters For Your Podcast

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1. Become a patron of other creators

Becoming a supporter of high performing content creators and podcasters is one way to learn what works. You will be supporting the work of fellow content creators, and you’ll also get new ideas on what you can offer your audience.

2. Set goals for your Patreon business

If you want to succeed on Patreon, start treating it like a business.

In the presentation, The One Tool That Took Us from $20 to $900 a Month on Patreon, Sean Howard of Fable and Folly Network said: “If you want to be a $4,000 creator, you have to start thinking (and acting) like a $4,000 creator.”

Start by creating goals for your Patreon business and think about 1) what you can offer and 2) how you can incentivize people to continue supporting you.

As a membership platform, Patreon lets your fans become active participants in your work. Give them access to exclusive content, form a tight-knit community, and share insights into your creative process. If Netflix is charging $12.99 for access to thousands of movies and shows a month, what value can you give your audience for a similar price? Make it worth it for them.

Download the slides to this presentation here.

3. Send personalized thank-you videos

As soon as a new patron subscribes, instead of sending a welcome email, send a personalized thank you video. Use a tool like Bonjorno that allows you to easily record and send quick videos from your phone or desktop.

Since implementing welcome videos into our onboarding workflow, when new members join the WOC Podcasters Insiders membership, they have praised us for making them feel welcome. Taking time out of your day to show appreciation can make a big difference in keeping your members engaged for the long-haul.

Which of these Patreon tips do you plan on implementing?

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