Reasons why you should be guest podcasting as podcasters.

Three Benefits To Guest Podcasting and Why You Should Do It More

What’s your favorite way to market your podcast? Perhaps you enjoy sharing photos on Instagram or having thought-provoking conversations on Twitter. Maybe you enjoy email marketing, have optimized your show notes for SEO (search engine optimization) or you create short audiograms to capture your audience’s attention on the go. While all of these strategies work, guest podcasting is my favorite way to promote my show and grow my audience. After being a guest on over 60 podcasts, here are three benefits to guest podcasting and why you should try it.

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Guest Podcasting Is Queen

Why You Should Be A Podcast Guest

Position Yourself As An Expert

Getting invited to be a guest on a podcast is an incredible way to boost your reputation and to be seen as an expert in your niche. If you have ever had doubts about if others see you as an expert, this will help.

Whenever someone asks me to write a guest post, appear as a guest on their podcast or YouTube channel this is a cue that they see me as an expert on a particular topic. They want me to weigh in, share my tips, and educate their audience.

Acquania Escarne, the host of The Purpose of Money Podcast says: “Being a guest on other shows has boosted my confidence and comfort on the mic. It has also inspired me to adjust my show’s format so my listeners win all around.”

Helpful Tip: To make the most of each interview opportunity, provide lots of value. Be generous with your tips and prioritize the needs of the audience you are serving. This is not the time to hold back.

Expand Your Network

Over the last two years, I have expanded my network tremendously by being interviewed on a variety of shows. This is a great opportunity to have a conversation with someone new, share ideas, and develop new friendships. Collaborating with other podcasters in this way can open doors for you which may not have been available otherwise.

Here’s a personal story. For a couple of years, I had seen my favorite podcaster at several conferences. However, every year I was too shy (and star-struck) to introduce myself. However, a few months ago, I decided to pitch her to be a guest on her show. I shared my accomplishments, expertise, and gave a few ideas of the topics we can chat about. She responded with an invitation and her Calendly link. The point here is that guest podcasting is an opportunity to expand your network and make new connections.

Helpful Tip: At the end of the interview, you can ask the host if they would recommend you to be on any other podcast. This is a great way to find more leads and network with even more people.

Promote Your Products and Services

Lastly, guest podcasting can help you increase your sales. At the end of most interviews, hosts will ask you to share how to connect with you. They’ll also invite you to talk about any upcoming projects you may have. This is the opportunity for you to sell yourself and invite listeners to join your tribe.

Don’t worry about being salesy because you spent the last 30 minutes to an hour providing value – sharing tips, your transformation, or stories that resonate. Only mention the products and services which are relevant to the topic discussed on the show. Include where listeners can find these products or services and share the link with the host so they can include it in the show notes. As a result of this, I continue to make sales months and even years after interviews.

Are you ready to start collaborating with podcasters?

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