Why you should join WOC Podcasters Insiders Membership

3 Reasons To Join Our Membership WOC Podcasters Insiders

Over the last two years, the Women of Color Podcasters community has grown to over 3,000 members. What started as a hashtag on Twitter has grown to become a thriving organization that is contributing to and shaping the podcasting industry. From our co-working sessions, book club meetings, listening parties, and even this blog, so much of what I have learned about podcasting has been because of you.

Fun Fact: My podcasting journey started May 1, 2018, the same day I started the Facebook group!

Over the last two years, strangers have become friends, coaches, and even mentors. Questions have gotten answered and guest chairs have been filled. However, over the last six months, I have been feeling the urge to do more.

No longer a new podcaster, I wanted to meet regularly with other ambitious podcasters to brainstorm new ideas and talk through challenges. I wanted to learn from profitable creators who are building a legacy and forming lasting relationships with sponsors and clients. I also got frustrated scrolling endlessly in the Facebook group for resources. To reach our fullest potential, our community needed more. We needed mentorship, accountability, and an organized library of resources. To level up, I needed all of these things too.

WOC Podcasters Insiders is a monthly membership focused on equipping you with the knowledge and resources to improve your craft, create better content, and grow your show. Members (a.k.a. Insiders) are willing to invest in themselves and want to crush their goals, get results, and deepen their expertise.

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If you are wondering why you should join us, here are three reasons.

3 Reasons To Join WOC Podcasters Insiders

1. Access Classes Live or At Your Own Pace

There’s value in having access to a growing library of resources that you can access at your own time. Our resource library features marketing resources, monetization resources, guides for new podcasters, and lists for finding royalty-free music, transcription services, editing software, and more. As a member, you also get access to all of our signature workshops and courses.

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2. Save Time By Learning From Experts

If you’re tired of piecing together your podcasting and marketing strategy, then you’ll be happy to know that every month we have a special guest who is willing to share their wisdom with us either through a live Q&A session or training. This saves you time and helps you avoid unnecessary mistakes. Build on the successes of your new mentors and learn from those who have already done what you’re trying to do.

3. Meet Ambitious Like-Minded Individuals

Rather than doing it all alone, through our monthly accountability call, meet other like-minded men and women (yes, men are invited to join WOC Podcasters Insiders too) who are willing to invest in themselves.

Since we meet several times a month, expand your network by forming real relationships. Learn about each others’ shows and receive feedback from creators who are familiar with your mission, values, and long-term goals.

With that, I hope you use WOC Podcasters Insiders to propel you and your podcast forward. I look forward to welcoming you with open arms.

WOC Podcasters Insiders Events You Missed

Nail Your Podcast Guest Pitch: Learn the dos and don’ts to pitching to be a guest on podcasts. Guest speaker, Danielle Desir has been a guest on over 65 podcasts including Podcast Junkies. You can also purchase this workshop separately without joining the membership.

Designing Your Own Social Media Graphics: Learn how to create beautiful graphics to attract your ideal audience using Canva. Guest speaker, Candice Latham is a Designer who loves coming up with new marketing ideas for business owners including workbooks, e-books, and other high-value assets.

Earning Passive Income Selling Digital Products (July): It’s time to make money in your business and Valencia Morton is going to show you how. Valencia is the co-host of Single Moms On The Money and she helps other moms kill their debt and create multiple streams of income.

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