Kaye Henry Shares How Our Insiders Membership Helped Her Level Up

Are you thinking about joining the WOC Podcasters Insiders membership? Wondering what our members have to say about it? In this Insiders video series, we’re asking members to share their thoughts – what they’ve enjoyed so far and how the membership has helped them grow.

Meet Kaye Henry, the host of Black Therapy Uncensored. Black Therapy Uncensored offers a regular dose of therapy from an NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 15 years of experience. Episodes are unfiltered, unhinged, and uncut.

Between the accountability calls and the opportunities shared within our members-only Facebook group, Kaye applied for and received a small business grant. A podcast network also picked up her show!

In this video, Kaye shares why she decided to join the WOC Podcasters Insiders membership and how it has helped her take her podcast to the next level. Hit play to hear what she had to say!

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Kaye Henry’s Favorite Membership Perks:

  • Monthly accountability calls,
  • Access to new opportunities and grants,
  • Exclusive members-only Facebook group,
  • Resource library with access to all of our replays.

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Connect with Kaye Henry:

Apple Podcast: Black Therapy Uncensored

Spotify: Black Therapy Uncensored

Instagram: @blkthrpyuncnsrd

Twitter: @blkthrpyuncnsrd

Facebook: Black Therapy Uncensored

WOC Podcasters Insider is dedicated to providing you the mentorship and resources to reach your podcasting goals. Membership includes a library of video trainings with experts, monthly office hours, accountability calls, and more. Become a WOC Podcasters Insiders member today!