Why You Should Livestream Your Podcast

Many podcasters are currently searching for new ideas to uplevel or repurpose podcast content as a marketing and engagement tactic. Streaming a live podcast can be just the solution. According to PR Newswire, the video streaming market’s estimated growth will span near $70.05 billion by 2021 due to increased viewership and accessibility on mobile devices. Eighty percent said they would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog, says Livestream. Due in part to this global pandemic, livestreaming has become a popular marketing tool as we learn to adapt to our new normal.

Pros To Livestreaming Your Podcast

by Anjuli “AJ Joyce“ Tuck

Increase Podcast Listenership 

One of the benefits of hosting a live podcast is boosting listenership. The best marketers for your show are your fans. Having a live podcast gives viewers instant access and gratification with your podcast vision. 

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Relate Better To Your Audience 

People tend to connect better with podcasts when they visually see who is behind it. The theme of the show will resonate better with your fans. They can relate to your authenticity and personality as a podcast host.

Challenges To Audio Livestreaming 

A Learning Curve

When you are livestreaming with a guest, it’s best to have experience going off-script. So if you’re still learning how to podcast and figuring out your podcast “voice,” take some time to warm up to livestreaming. 

Practice and concentrate on basic podcasting principles. Get comfortable with your mic technique and presentation if this makes you anxious. Try out Instagram Stories with podcasts guests for episode previews to take gradual steps while boosting your confidence behind the video lens.

Also, remember when livestreaming your podcast, there is no room for editing. With that in mind, have your live episode script outlined and prepare your guest with interview details, so there are no unpleasant surprises. Though, keep in mind to be genuine and show personality. Your enthusiasm can energize your guests’ reactions.

Be Aware Of Audio and Video Quality

Just as podcast listeners are sticklers for audio quality, the same goes for livestreaming. About 67% of viewers say quality is the most prominent factor when livestreaming. Technology tends to fail us from time to time, but we can improve by having good WiFi on both ends, preparing the mic setup, and picking the right software platform. 

Livestream Software Platforms 

There are several platforms in the livestreaming business for podcasts. Podbean Live Stream came out earlier this year! As the oldest podcast hosting service, Podbean provides a free option to livestream your podcast on your phone or desktop to broadcast up to 5 participants, including you. Fans can engage via the chat room or call into the show as well. Check out the Podcast Host review on it.

Spreaker Studio is another good option streamlined through their app via desktop and mobile. Spreaker can connect with Skype and broadcast live or offline. Similar to Podbean, the recordings are uploaded directly to Spreaker. 

You can also use Streamyard and Ecamm Live as options that are not podcast hosting specific, giving more versatility and studio-quality for your live broadcasts. 

Zoom is still a popular option as well. However, you will have to upgrade your free account in order to broadcast your recording on different social platforms. 

How frequently should I livestream my podcast?

Depending on how your show is structured, there is no right or wrong way on how often you can have a live podcast. For example, you can have pre-recorded Youtube Live sessions or live streaming for special podcast shows. Although it is all up to you, the more, the merrier. 

Get ready to take your podcast to the next level—start livestreaming today!

Have you livestreamed your podcast? If so, how did it turn out? Will you do it again? Why or why not?