Antoinette Placides is the host of Aligned and Unapologetic Podcast

Women of Color in Podcasting: Meet Antoinette Placides

Are you a podcast enthusiast interested in learning more about the women who influence this growing industry? Perhaps you aspire to start a podcast and want an inside look into how other Women of Color began. Every other week in this series, we feature a Woman of Color in podcasting, from producers to editors and hosts. Today, we are featuring Antoinette Placides, the host of Aligned and Unapologetic and part of the husband and wife tag team behind the podcast management company, Unapologetic Amplified. Antoinette has experience as a systems designer and holistic coach who can help you turn a hobby into a business.

Antoinette is ready to work with new podcasters in taking overwhelming visions for their podcast into a bite-sized, actionable, and streamlined process. Learn more about the services and rates she offers on our Podcast Producers Directory.

Podcast and Content Manager Antoinette Placides

“Use your limiting beliefs to empower you.” – Antoinette Placides

How did you get started in podcasting?

Just like everybody else, I started podcasting at the beginning of the pandemic. I was starting to emerge as a coach from being an online business manager and I found myself interested and passionate about intuitive business building, mental health, social justice, finding your true authentic self, and living your life unapologetically. I started with a raw, unedited on-the-fly episode and my husband who has a background in music and editing could not stand it!

As a new podcast host, I was hesitant and the tech requirements scared me. I thought if I make this too “official” and complicated, I might not see it through. So we studied how to create a podcast together and finally launched one edited episode. With my background in business management and his background in tech, our 4th baby was born! We started telling our friends, applied for opportunities online, and here we are!

What’s something you wished you knew before you started?

I wish I knew podcasting is not just another project or business for us, and that it can also be an agency for social justice movements. Had I known this from the beginning, our approach might have been very different and we could have been more intentional every step of the way. While we were very intentional, I feel like we could have done better. Though I would not have it any other way as we have learned so much!

What do you wish people knew about your profession? 

Great question! I wish people knew that podcast editing and management is a mix of art, science, and business management. We are co-creating and painting pictures alongside the host. We are not magicians (though sometimes I wish we were), we use tools and strategies to edit. Great content comes with great planning, strategy, pre-production, and then post-production. 

What advice would you give to newcomers to the industry?

Ask yourself how each episode that you are recording is serving the listeners and yourself and if it is an equal energy exchange. Plan ahead, buy a good recording microphone, and lastly, hire a podcast editor and podcast manager unless you want to end up building a podcasting business like me. Hire for other aspects of podcasting and focus on becoming a better host. 

What products or services do you currently offer? 

We currently offer monthly podcast management and production. You can learn more about our services on our website.

Share your favorite guide or resource that has helped you navigate the audio world.

I’ve learned so much from the WOC Podcaster Community. My ride or die microphone is Rode NT-USD Mini Microphone.

Do you have a podcast? Tell us about an episode of your podcast that you’d love for people to check out!

Yes! I am re-launching (again). My first episode is always my favorite to share.

Where can people find you?

You can find my podcast management company for BIPOC Voices at our website and @unapologeticamplified on Instagram.

Have you been wanting to launch a business? Contact me through or @coachunapologetic on Instagram.

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