Nightmare on 5th Street Podcast

Get Into the Spooky Season With Nightmare on 5th Street Podcast

Nightmare on 5th Street: A horror movie podcast is in the final week of their “31 Days of Halloween” celebration. Every day for the month of October, Nightmare on 5th is sharing spooky stories from around the globe. Tune in on your favorite podcast player.

Nightmare on 5th Street has 31 days of Spooky tales scheduled for each day in October.

Co-hosts and sisters, Alma De León and Dalia De León, have in their short time as podcast hosts, created an inclusive community of horror fans and loyal listeners. Recently the De León sisters participated as official jurors for Salem Horror Fest 2021, which takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, the horror capital of the world.

Dalia says: “Even though we watch horror movies all year round, there’s something special about Fall and the Halloween season. There’s an energy in the air that just makes it a bit more creepy and fun. That’s why we are giving our listeners a new episode every day with spooky content. These stories take us back to when we were younger, reading scary stories to each other from that pile of books we checked out of the library. Now we want to share that feeling of Halloween with others.” 

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