What to pack for FinCon?

What Podcasters Should Pack for FinCon

by Danielle Desir

It’s been two weeks since #FinCon19 and I’m still buzzing with excitement. In addition to all the fond memories from the event, the thick stack of business cards on my desk which I’m slowly getting through reminds me of why FinCon continues to be one of my favorite conferences.

From the actionable tips and advice you get from attending sessions to the connections you make randomly in the hallway or at the various meetups organized by the community, I walked away with so many new friends, met lots of women of color podcasters and I have a handful of new opportunities to explore to grow my platform.

What is FinCon?

FinCon is a conference for digital content creators including YouTubers, bloggers, podcasters, authors, financial advisors, brands and media. Although it’s geared towards personal finance and investing, any content creator can attend and get value from the event.

One of the things I’ve found crucial to getting the most out of the conference is preparing ahead of time. After forgetting my business cards last year, I created a packing list to avoid any mishaps.

As you prepare for #FinCon2020, here’s what you need to pack for FinCon.

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Remote Podcasting Recorder and Headphones

As content creators, conferences are a gold mine for creating content because all of your peers are in the same place so take advantage by packing your portable recorder and mics. While lots of podcasters use the Zoom H6, if you’re on a budget, the Zoom H1n also does the job.

Helpful Tip: Every year FinCon offers attendees access to a podcasting booth. Sign up to record a podcast episode; all you need is your SD memory card to record.

Business Cards

Next, pack business cards.

Patrina Dixon, the host of The Money Exchange Podcast recommends avoiding glossy business cards. Although they look vibrant and sharp, gloss coated business cards are harder to write on. Instead, opt for matte stock. 

Michelle Jackson, host of Michelle is Money Hungry Podcast also suggests making your business cards memorable by having your photo on them. Taking Michelle’s advice, at FinCon I got a lot of compliments for having a professional photo on mines. I ordered my business cards from Vistaprint but I’ve also heard great things about Moo.

Business Card Holder

At FinCon you will swap business cards with a lot of people so keep yourself organized with a holder. Get a business card holder that is easy to open and has a sleek and professional design like this cardholder here.

Reusable Bottle of Water

Hydrate with a reusable bottle of water. Save money by avoiding buying bottled water at the conference venue.

Cough Drops

Within the FinCon community there’s a running joke that if you lose your voice (which is very likely), you had a great time at the conference. Since you’ll be talking a lot more than you’re used to, bring cough drops to soothe your throat.


Fuel your body in between sessions and meetings with brands and clients by packing healthy snacks like dried fruits and nuts. While eating at the conference hotel is convenient, it adds up.

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Notebook and pen

Just in case complimentary notepads aren’t offered at the conference, come prepared by bringing a notebook and a few pens so you can jot down important notes.

Bonus Packing Tip

Lastly, leave space in your luggage for all the swag you’ll get. This year I brought home five free t-shirts!

#FinCon2020 tickets are now on sale!

I hope you’ll join us for the WOC Podcasters meetup in Long Beach, California!

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