The best podcast communities for women.

4 Podcast Facebook Groups For Women To Join

Online podcasting communities have made an enormous impact on my podcasting journey. Two months after creating WOC Podcasters, members pushed me to launch my show. Years later, I am grateful for their gentle nudge. Podcasting communities have become my go-to for when I have a question, a crazy idea, need a shoulder to cry on, or when I am celebrating a win. I turned to my favorite podcasting Facebook communities when I got invited to the 2019 Facebook Communities Summit. I also shared when I won a grant to launch the audio docuseries Millennial Wealth Builders

Facebook groups for podcasters promote peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. They are where new friendships are formed. It’s also how we continue the conversation and stay connected long after the in-person events and podcasting conferences. Regardless of if you are a new podcaster looking to get your show off the ground or a seasoned veteran with millions of downloads a year, here’s a list of four remarkable podcast Facebook groups for women that will embrace you with open arms.

Best Podcast Facebook Groups For Women

WOC Podcasters

WOC Podcasters (Women of Color) is an inclusive podcasting community for women of color podcasters and audio creators looking to learn, network, bounce ideas off each other, and share unique opportunities. This group started after 18,000 aspiring women of color podcasters applied to the 2018 Spotify Sound Up Bootcamp. Women from all over the world are in this group – over 72 countries!

WOC Podcasters includes a blog, a job board, podcast editors directory, and a membership.

Weekly Facebook threads include:

  • Goals for the week
  • Share your latest episode

Latina Podcasters

Latina Podcasters is a Facebook group for Latina podcasters and the listeners who love them. Founder and CEO of the Latina Podcasters Network, Rita Bautista is passionate about connecting aspiring and established Mujeres Latinas and the Latinx community. In addition to the Facebook group, Latina Podcasters also includes a directory to find your next favorite podcast made by Latinx Mujeres and Latinas. Check out their podcast directory here.

Women Who Podcast (Or Want To)

Women Who Podcast is a group for all cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experience of women who host, want to host, or really enjoy podcasts. Support each other, share shows you love, and connect with other women using podcasting to share their stories and passions online.

Check out this video where Sasha Huff, founder of Women Who Podcast (Or Want To), and I talk about podcast trends you should know about.

Weekly Facebook threads include:

  • Pitch yourself as a guest
  • Share your latest episode

She Podcasts

Co-founded by Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar, She Podcasts is a safe place for women who podcast. This group of over 18,000 is great for asking questions, providing support, sharing tips, wins, and resources. There are weekly opportunities to find guests, or you can pitch yourself. This group is engaging and interactive.

Did you know that She Podcasts hosts a podcast by the same name and a podcasting conference?

Learn more about the She Podcasts LIVE conference here.

Listen to She Podcasts.

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Here’s a list of Facebook groups women podcasters should join today!