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5 Ways Podcasters Can Get the Most Out of FinCon

by Tiffany Grant

Ah, FinCon 2019!  If you are a podcaster in the personal finance space, this event is a must for you to attend. I had the opportunity to go this year on a scholarship and it was life-changing! I have lined up a ton of interviews for my show and I even secured a few sponsors. Not to mention, I just finished a project for a company that would have covered the cost of the ticket and that’s just one client. I guess that brings me to my first tip.

1. Focus on building relationships 

​​When I was planning for FinCon, I used the app to make a schedule of breakout sessions and meetups that I wanted to attend. I have severe anxiety and a type-A personality, so I love to plan well ahead of time. I will tell you that none of my plans happened but, that was by design. I quickly learned that this time should be used to meet other people while focusing on collaborations and partnerships. I met so many money nerds like myself. I ended up with a stack of business cards about 2-3 inches thick!​ There were quite a few WOC/POC meetups including the women of color who podcast meetup hosted by WOC Podcasters.

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​2. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards 

I bought a massive stack of business cards and almost ran out the last day. Everyone you encounter asks for a business card and trust me, you don’t want to be THAT person. I learned the first day to just keep them in my back pocket instead of my bag, so they were always readily accessible. After the first day of fumbling through my tote bag at least 50 times, I learned my lesson. A lot of people had business cards with their face on them. I may consider that for next year’s conference as you meet so many people, it’s hard to remember them all.

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3. Talk to the companies

When I went, I was afraid to talk to the companies because I knew I’m a newbie and my numbers weren’t as strong as some of the veterans. But I decided to face my fears and do what I do best, talk! It paid off! I had face-time with a few company representatives that ended in a few sponsorships and partnerships. I also went to the tables of a few companies I had never heard of and ended up trying out some new FinTech. Also, own your numbers. Don’t be ashamed of your download numbers. There is a market for everyone.

4. Go to the big talks and awards show 

I made a lot of connections by going to the main events. Also, it just feels good to be in a room with people just like you, with the same mission you have. I was in heaven! The speakers were great! I have followed Ramit Sethi for some time and always recommend his book “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” to those that need the basics.  

5. Be supportive 

If you are in the online community, you know how supportive everyone is. Keep that same energy in person! I encouraged a lot of people while I was there and offered whatever knowledge I could give to their situation and other people did the same for me.  

Tiffany Grant Money Strategist, host of Money Talk with Tiff shares tips for podcasters attending FinCon
Tiffany Grant, host of Money Talk with Tiff Podcast

Bonus tip: Purchase your ticket for next year while at the conference because that’s when the tickets are the cheapest.  

Are you a podcaster attending FinCon? What tips would you add?

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