Bettina and Ninorah Co-hosts of NRIWoman Podcast.

Podcasters Lead with Passion: Wise Words from NRIWoman

by Bettina Tauro and Ninorah Brookshire

What happens when two close friends decide they want more out of their respective lives than the everyday mundane? A community to bring women together on Facebook happens!

NRIWoman began as a Facebook page in 2016 by the two of us, Bettina Tauro and Ninorah Brookshire. We’re both Indians by birth living outside of India and that’s what NRI stands for- Non-Resident Indians. We wanted to have conversations with other like-minded Indian women around the world.

NRIWoman is the first platform of its kind where we discuss different topics and share stories of inspirational women. Eventually, we wanted to do more than be a Facebook page. We felt women should be heard and not just read about, thus NRIWoman Podcast was born. Our Indian culture can be a very close-knit one. One where we feel compelled to hide our thoughts and emotions and not really talk about the everyday issues we face as women. However, NRIWoman Podcast has taken this stigma on, with gusto.

What makes NRIWoman stand out

What makes us stand out from the rest in our genre?

We are a platform for NRI women voices.

We are passionate about the conversations we have because we truly want to make a difference.

At the end of the day, that is what any podcast should be about – podcasters should be passionate about their podcast and their topics.

One of our favorite episodes thus far is when we spoke to a mum who had lost her 21-year old son who passed away under tragic circumstances, just 2 years ago. We did not know her before this interview, but after our very emotional conversation with her, we became friends. We were so proud to feature her story and the fact that she trusted us to do so meant a lot.

Another episode featured a lady who battled depression, her family was not aware of her situation. She got in touch with us because she wanted to let the community know how prominent this condition was, and that we as Indians should come forth and talk about it.

We have also covered incest, divorce, living in a joint family and more.

Because of the amazing stories we bring forth to the world, we were nominated and became a finalist in the 2018 Podcast Awards. We were also featured in an article by a leading newspaper in Dubai. Along with that, we were recommended by Castbox_fm, The Indian Noir and Castology. We have also received mentions and accolades by some amazing fellow podcasters.

Our big podcasting takeaways

So all in all we just want to say: go with your passion and go with the flow.

Never give up if you believe in what you do. It all comes down to this – your passion for your podcast and how you ride the train. Treat it like you would your child! Because your podcast is your baby.

We began podcasting in March 2018 and through this journey, just like us, you are going to connect with other amazing and talented podcasters, thus opening your minds and hearts to other genres, subjects, and cultures.

We’ve grown in terms of knowledge and expertise but more importantly, we’ve grown as people, with more empathy and appreciation for life. And you will too.

Just remember to stay grounded, stay connected and always stay supportive towards your fellow podcasters. They remember everything. Every little detail, everything you say and everything you do for them. Supporting one another is key.

Stay connected through social media – it is the best free tool available out there to promote your podcast and yourselves.

We wish each one of you, all the best, and we’re so glad to be podcasting alongside you phenomenal women!

It’s what makes podcasting so special!

Until next time, keep learning, keep inspiring and be kind.

About the NRIWoman Co-Hosts

Bettina Tauro

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Bettina moved to the UAE in 2002 for work. With a background in marketing and advertising experience, she set up a boutique branding and marketing agency – Brandform, with her husband Ramesh. She is currently semi-involved with the business opting to take time off to raise her young children. She can retain random information which comes in handy every now and then. Bettina believes the world now is about those who create and those who consume. After being part of mostly the latter for a long time she now wants to shift the balance to the former or at least the middle. The podcast is the first step towards that. She loves food, travel, working out and constantly learning.

Ninorah Fernandes Brookshire

Indian by birth, but born and raised in Dubai, UAE, Ninorah has lived most of her life in New York City, a brief 4 year stay back in Dubai in 2014 and now lives in Miami, Florida with her family. She and husband Edward are founders of Naya Jeevan Foundation, a charity organization based in NYC that helps women and girls rescued from sex trafficking in India. Ninorah also owns NindiBindis, a small home business, where she makes one of a kind ornate metal Bindis (forehead bling) that transpired from her love for Tribal Belly Dance. She considers her laughter to be her biggest asset. It’s the cheapest form of therapy she says! She loves to travel, Bollywood dancing, and her ethnic wear. With a bindi in tow, she hopes to conquer the podcasting world!

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