Podcasting Jobs on WOC Podcasters Job Board

WOC Podcasters Relaunches Job Board With Podcasting Jobs

We’ve relaunched our job board for all paid audio-related opportunities and podcasting jobs, from internships and fellowships to executive positions. With a revamped design and improved search functionality, the WOC Podcasters Job Board continues our mission to help Women of Color podcasters and audio creators find organizations that recognize the importance of widening their talent pool. 

Sharing Podcasting Jobs Every Week

Every week, our Opportunities and Grant Coordinator, Brittany Ngo, sends out a newsletter featuring media companies such as PRX Productions, The Atlantic, The Smithsonian, and Spotify. We are so excited to see so many organizations expanding and diversifying their audio teams.

Although our conversations around diversity and hiring shouldn’t end with encouraging diverse candidates to apply, we also want media companies to examine their hiring practices and ensure that it’s beneficial and inclusive to all interested in joining their team. We hope that connecting talented individuals and hiring managers can facilitate more discussions around where the industry falls short and make positive changes.

Whether improving company culture or fine-tuning production and editing skills, WOC Podcasters is in the unique position to bring audio creators and media teams together to have honest conversations about what both parties are looking for and how to meet expectations.

Podcasting jobs typically featured on our job board include (but not limited to):

  • Associate Producer
  • Executive Producer
  • Podcast Reporter
  • Host
  • Podcast Editor

If you are currently hiring and would like to share an opportunity through the WOC Podcasters Job Board or our newsletter, please reach out to inquire about our posting fee by emailing Brittany Ngo at jobs@wocpodcasters.co. Or, if you’d like to support our ongoing work, buy us a coffee (make a one-time donation). We appreciate your support.