Podthon is a free virtual summit for podcasters formed to create space for more speakers in the podcasting space.

Podthon: A Free Virtual Summit for Podcasters August 10-11, 2019

by Danielle Desir

Podthon is a new virtual summit creating space for more speakers in the podcasting space.

New York, NY – Podthon ’19, will showcase more than a dozen speakers at all levels of the podcasting industry,” founder Lee Uehara said. “We chose ‘Podthon’ because we like to say that podcasting is a marathon, not a sprint.”

“Our team recognizes that a LOT of great content is left on the table from other conference speaker-selection processes, and we wanted to create a platform to offer ALL podcasters who have a message and great content the ability to do so,” co-founder Danielle Desir said.

“For example, we are looking forward to talks such as:

Don’t Let the Numbers Use You by Crystal Tennille Irby host of Dem Black Mamas

Using SEO to Grow Your Show by Akilah Thompkins-Robinson host of Online Boutiquers

Podcaster to Author by Janice Chaka host of The Traveling Introvert

These are just a few of the amazing talks we’ll be offering in our summit.”

Podthon is the brainchild of two leading industry groups, the Asian American Podcasters Association (AAP) and Women of Color (WOC) Podcasters whose founders Desir and Lee speak at podcasting conferences like Podcast Movement and She Podcasts Live.

This year’s virtual summit, also known as “A Speakers Roundtable for Podcasters,” will be held on Saturday and Sunday, August 10th – 11th from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM (EST).

Sign up for the Podthon ’19 All Access Pass here.