Join the WOC Podcasters #Podtober Challenge for the month of October.

31 Day WOC Podcasters #Podtober Challenge

For the month of October, join the WOC Podcasters community as we complete one podcasting task per day to grow our audiences. Be sure to tag @wocpodcasters on Instagram and @wocpodcasters on Twitter and use the hashtag #wocpodcasters and #Podtober so we can cheer each other on and track our progress.

Ready. Set. Go!

  1. Set 2 new goals for your podcast.
  2. Share your WHY.
  3. Post a photo of you podcasting.
  4. Who are the big players in your niche?
  5. Pitch being a guest.
  6. Poll your audience.
  7. Brainstorm new episode ideas.
  8. The meaning behind your podcast name.
  9. Sign up for a new affiliate program.
  10. Tag 3 podcasts you love.
  11. Create a pin for your latest episode on Pinterest.
  12. Show off your expertise with a helpful tip.
  13. Post a fill-in-the-blank statement.
  14. Update show description.
  15. Record 1 minute promo video.
  16. Follow 3 new people.
  17. Go LIVE on Instagram or Facebook.
  18. Pitch a brand you want to work with.
  19. Update your media kit/press kit.
  20. Post a thank you to your followers/listeners.
  21. Promote old podcast episodes.
  22. Post a how-to or tutorial.
  23. Ask your audience how they found you.
  24. Ask people to join your mailing list.
  25. Email your subscribers with an update.
  26. Create/update an email opt-in (freebie) for your email list.
  27. Take new headshots.
  28. Spend 15 minutes engaging your audience on your favorite platform.
  29. Sign up for 1 new podcast directory.
  30. Review your favorite podcast.
  31. Host a giveaway.