Simplecast Webinar with WOC Podcasters on Community Building

Simplecast Webinar: Leading a Strong Community

by Danielle Desir

Do you want to learn how to build a fun and engaging community online?

In this webinar with Simplecast, Founder of WOC Podcasters, Danielle Desir, and Managing Editor, Madeline Wright share tips for starting, engaging and supporting a growing community. They tackle the popular question of how to manage outreach to potential podcast sponsors with answers that may surprise you. They also share what’s currently going on with WOC Podcasters, what the future will look like, and how you can help or join the communitylearn more about us here.

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Community Building Tips

  • Within your Facebook group, utilize Facebook LIVE to increase visibility.
  • Use hashtags to find potential new members.
  • Go to events and meet community members in person.
  • Identify your community’s pain points and work on addressing them.
  • Determine your metrics for success and set realistic expectations.

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A special thank you to Simplecast for inviting WOC Podcasters to this event!