Denese Duran is the CEO of Podcasters Unlimited and Founder of Podcasters of NJ.

How To Start a Podcast Network With Denese Duran

Whether you are an independent podcaster or part of a podcast network, today’s featured guest shares the benefits of joining a podcast network  and what it takes to start a podcast network. We are thrilled to have Denese Duran, CEO of Podcasters Unlimited and the founder of Podcasters of NJ, with us today to talk about podcast networks and the upcoming virtual summit, PODWORK. The podcast network conference will bring podcasters and network founders together for a day to learn and connect about all things related to building a podcast network and more.

Starting a Podcast Network with Denese Duran

For those who aren’t familiar, what is a podcast network?

A podcast network is a collection of original shows produced, hosted, and created by other podcasters all under the same company. The podcast network is a proponent of the development and expansion of the podcast shows.

What are the benefits of starting a podcast network?

We launched Podcasters Unlimited to share our ideas and knowledge with other podcasters, creating a catalog of content with them. This catalog allows us to acquire sponsorship, develop relationships, and obtain affiliates through our collection. Additionally, we build credibility as a collaborative via the power of our voices and our network name.

Podcasters Unlimited Network delivers a variety of stand-alone content tailored to listeners interested in non-scripted and scripted diverse audio.

What are the benefits of joining a podcast network?

The benefits of joining a podcast network are partnership, teamwork, and possibilities for brand awareness. In addition, it can provide opportunities for cross-promotion with other shows within the network. Podcasters Unlimited also assists with booking guests, production, and editing. Since podcasting can often feel solitary, a network can bring people together to convey the vision behind content creation.

How are podcast networks able to establish relationships with brands and secure sponsorships?

When we launched at the end of 2020, we released all-new shows. The sponsorship concept was not our initial focus since our shows were new. Now that we’ve acquired consistent listeners, we work on sponsorships and affiliates for our podcasters. One of the perks of having the network has been establishing relationships with public relations firms that provided celebrity actors like Myles Bullock and Lil Zane from the BMF series on Starz and celebrity pastor Devon Franklin.

For those interested in starting, what should they consider? How do you start a podcast network?

If you want to start a podcast network, assemble a small team. Teamwork is essential in the various steps it takes to create your network. You cannot do it alone. Also, it’s vital to find a name that represents your purpose, search it, confirm its availability and create an LLC. Next, make sure to trademark the name that you have chosen. This ensures that your name is secure and branded. Lastly, look for like-minded podcasters searching for community, creativity, drive, and assistance to join your network.

Tell us about your upcoming virtual summit, PODWORK. What can attendees expect this year?

This year PODWORK – The Podcast Network Conference highlights and focuses on the growth of networks. We are passionate about PODWORK’s robust industry topics related to the future of podcast networks. Attendees can expect sessions that include sound design to topics concerning copyright/music licensing, intellectual property, and representation for your podcast network. 

Also, HOPIN, the platform where we host our conference, has a great networking tool for attendees to connect and explore sessions and panels.

What sessions are you excited about and why?

First of all, I am grateful for all of our speakers and attendees. But I do have a couple of panels I want to see! 

One panel I am interested in seeing is the “Podcast Hosting Sites, Advertising and Subscription for Networks.” Andrew Santiago moderates the panel with panelist speakers from and Disctopia. These hosting sites will explore a conversation about advertising and subscriptions.

Another panel that I am excited about is the “Community Networks of Color” panel moderated by Ann Smith, with speakers from WOC Podcasters, Black Podcaster Association, and Latina/Latino Podcast Networks discussing their achievements through the community.

How can readers connect with you?

Connect with me through and on Instagram, @podcastersunlimited, and @podcastersofnj.

Thank you so much, Denese! We are looking forward to PODWORK.

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